Thursday, 22 September 2016

In the Garden!

Hello everyone.
My oh my where does all the time go to I wonder??
Pretty soon it will be Christmas and it doesn't seem like five minutes ago we were putting the tree away from last year does it?
Anyway, on to my latest project eh?
This is going to be my entry for the Clarity Monthly challenge and this month's is entitled,
"In the Garden"
Well, I have to tell you that my garden is full of birds.
Hubby loves to see the birds feeding and consequently we have many many feeders dotted around the garden.
There is a downside to this because under each feeder we have a small meadow growing!! Lol
The birds seem to take great delight in the "one for me, one for the floor" method of feeding. hahaha.
So I have based my In The Garden card on that theme and here it is:
You will see that I have used the large Blue Tit from the Garden birds and feeder set. I love this set of stamps and I really should use it more often.
To make the border I used the square stencil and then used the stencil with the tree at the side of it to make the inner square (obviously leaving the tree out!).
Then I masked it all off and stamped the Briar Rose stamp into the four corners. I didn't want the flower to overpower the bird and I think it worked, what do you think??

Whilst it was masked off I brushed Distress Ink around the border using Twisted Citron and Ripe Persimmon.

The bird is coloured using my Polychromo Pencils and I'm really pleased with how the colouring worked.  The background is done with Pan Pastels and I am really enjoying my new found love for these.  

Then because I couldn't leave it alone I thought I would add some rays of sunshine. Bad move, really not happy with them but hey ho, it's done now.  
Here's the thing, whilst I am adding them I can hear Barbara saying "you can add it but you can't take it away!!!"  How very true, maybe I should have listened eh??
So there you have it, my entry into this month's Clarity Challenge.
Hope you like it.


  1. Beautiful Dawn. I got banned from having feeders over certain bits of the garden because of the growth underneath. Fred loves to watch the birds as well. Good luck in the challenge. X x

  2. A beautiful card Dawn, such a fabulous image and perfect design.

  3. Great card, Love the colours.


  4. I think it works well this is one of my favourite stamps I do like what have done with this good luck in the clarity challenge x

  5. Hi Dawn - I think your artwork is just perfect for this month's theme! Beautiful design and lovely colouring.
    We're in the process of landscaping our garden - low maintenance hopefully and I can't wait to get it finished so that we can hang some bird feeders and enjoy our colourful feathered friends. The majority will be paved so I'm hoping the seeds won't find their way between the slabs!
    Thank you for entering the Clarity Challenge and joining in with us. Good luck x

  6. Hello Dawn
    . . .and many thanks for joining the Clarity 'In the Garden' Challenge. Like you, we have over a dozen bird feeders dotted around. As for the undergrowth - well the hedgehogs enjoy a good forage around there. You have created a lovely card using the bluetits stamp. We call these birds the 'smash and grab squadron' as that's exactly how they attack the feeders in the garden. Best wishes. ;~}

  7. This is a lovely piece for the In the Garden theme Dawn. Thanks for joining the Clarity challenge this month and good luck! x


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