Thursday, 24 March 2016

Running late........... again!!

Hi all,
Phew, only just made this month's calendar challenge at Clarity.
I've had a rubbish March if I'm honest, and I will be glad to see the back of it.
However, I am determined to stick to my personal challenge of entering every Clarity Monthly and Calendar challenge this year so here I am.
Hopefully April and the spring weather will lift my down trodden spirits and put me back on the right level again.
So, without further ado, here is my take on the March Calendar challenge.

As you will see I didn't use the same stamps as Barbara, simply because I don't have them. Shock, horror, stamps I don't have??? What is the world coming to?  Lol

Anyhoo, I used stamps that said two lovely people have taken a walk from their little house in the hills down to the bench to watch the sheep in the fields below.
Don't you think the bit behind the couple looks like one of those rocky bits you see in the hills?

I just love this sentiment stamp, don't you?
It is so so true. Something we should all remember perhaps?

I drew in the hills like Barbara did but this time I stopped before I spoiled it.  When I went to the workshop last year I just added too many lines.  Instead of fields it looked like a very worn patchwork quilt!! hahaha
So there you go then, my calendar entry for March.


  1. I am frantically trying to avoid looking at anyone else's entries as I still have to sort my own for this month, and I shall be the one rushing in at the very last second again. Thank you for your lovely comments on my project. Roy's MDF is second to none for quality, he is very meticulous in his production and a very helpful person too. Look forward to seeing you in April. xxx Maggie

  2. Very nice scene good luck in the clarity calendar challenge xx

  3. I've just done my background and, like you I don't think I have the correct stamps so will have to look for some others! So if glad to see yours there. Love your background ! It's good that there will never be two the same so we all produce something different. Good luck in the challenge xx

  4. Wonderful Dawn,a beautiful piece of art. I can imagine myself sitting on that bench. Know what you mean with the colouring, why do I think of you everytime I get the crayons out. Lol Good luck in the challenge. xx

  5. WOW Dawn you have created a beautiful scene I love everything you have done I especially love that wonderful sentiment, hope that April will bring you lots of happiness and love
    lorraine x


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