Sunday, 31 January 2016

By the skin of my teeth!!

Do you know what?
I really must learn to manage my time better!!
Now if my Say it with Flowers entry was late then this one is only just going to make it.
Funny isn't it when you think you have plenty of time and all of a sudden it is the end of the month!
Hey ho. Time Management Dawn!!
So here is my entry for the Clarity Calendar Challenge.
Each month a new challenge is set to see if you can follow the fabulous instructions on the back of each month's image on the Clarity calendar.
There are some fabulous entries already so I don't think mine is going to cut the mustard somehow but as I said before, if you don't practice you don't get better.
So here you go then:
Please be kind!!
I just have to layer it up on some contrasting card and Bob's your Uncle as they say.
I know my trees aren't straight and they look like they are floating above the water but I haven't got time to redo it so unfortunately it will have to do.
Will be much more organised next month!!
See ya!


  1. Wow Dawn I think you have made an amazing reflection. I love it. I think I need to manage my time better as well. Well done and Good Luck. xx

  2. I reckon your reflections are great, Dawn, a lot better than mine. As you say, practice makes perfect, so a lot more practice for me, and also starting a bit sooner would be helpful. I was even later than you. xx Maggie

  3. Love your scene, the trees and reflections are great :)
    I'm with you on time management too...in fact I am the queen of last minute lol really need to make this the yr to become better organised !
    Kaz x


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