Thursday, 1 January 2015

A new Galaxy - no, not the Chocolate!! lol.

Hi all,
Firstly, let me wish you a very happy New Year.
May you all be happy and healthy.

So, I have decided to make a few resolutions.
Not New Year ones, just resolutions that I would like to stick to throughout the year.
1. Finish off each and every card I make so that it is ready to use. (I tend to make the card and then think "I'll do the inside later" - later never seems to arrive! Lol)
2.  When I leave a comment on a blog saying "I'm gonna give this a go" - I actually do!! Haha.
3.  Keep ahead on my DT work.  I have cut them down now to just two DT's, Totally Tilda and Friends and Through the Purple Haze.  So look out for the challenges popping up for those two.
4.  Try something new every month. (I was going to say every week but then I thought - get real Dawn, stick with something achievable!!)
5. I am gonna make this year the year I finally get to my goal weight!
So, this card I am about to show you comes under "Number 2" on my list.
I saw Barbara Gray do this on her blog and left her a comment saying I was going to give it a go - so - here it is!! (Don't laugh!!)
So I made the bubble background yesterday with the Distress Inks and Shaving Foam. If you have never tried it you really should, it is soooooo much fun.
Then today I did all the other bits and pieces.
Embossed the bubbles, brushed over them, wiped them clean and buffed them up.
Trimmed the artwork (get me - artwork!! Lol) and then added the inks around the edge. Flicked my water at the bubbles and then dabbed them with paper towel.
Backed it onto Black Card, added the sentiment - love those word chains - and put it on a card.
Ta Dah!!!
So there you go Barbara - I said I would and I did!


  1. Fantastic, Dawn!! I love this technique and I agree, it is very fun!! Your resolutions sound just like mine!! Even the weight loss one!!! Maybe we can encourage each other!!
    Thanks for joining the challenge at Through the Craft Room Door!

  2. Good to see I am not the only one making crafty resolutions, good luck with them and the weight loss too. Great artwork x

  3. I rarely do the inserts until I know who I am sending the card to, so I have failed on No 1. No 2 is a bit dodgy too. No 3 does not apply as I am no longer on any DT at the moment. No 4 - mmm. No 5 - I am with you on that aim, although a piece of carrot cake at craft class today for a birthday (not mine) does not help. great card. My aim is to have a go at that one on Sunday. Thanks for your lovely comment on my card today. xxx Maggie


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