Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Some Sad News

Hello friends
I have just popped in to share some sad news with you all.  As you know Elizabeth at Softpencil designs some really cute characters and images.  Sadly there are people out there who have infringed her copyright and terms of use for these digital images.  Elizabeth is having to fight these people at the moment to stop them from using her images in order to make money for themselves.  If you want to read more and find out who these bad people are then stop by the Softpencil blog to read more.
Most of you will know that I have been on Elizabeth's Design Team at Softpencil, both as a Guest Designer and as a permanent member of her Design Team and I am so sad to announce that Elizabeth has now decided to close her Softpencil Shop.  There is one last new release out for the month of June and it is all about Cupcakes.  It features Ratiny on a Cupcake
Charmy on a Cupcake
and Amy on a Cupcake
I will be showing you a card at the end of the month with Ratiny on a cupcake.
I am so sad that Elizabeth has decided to close her store and I hope that she succeeds in putting a stop to the people who are quite blatantly infringing all her copyright and terms of use in order to make money for themselves.  I hope they don't have any problems sleeping at night!  Hopefully one day someone will do the same to them - I wonder how they would like it!!
Anyway, I just needed to tell you all that you have just this last month to visit Elizabeth's store and buy your digital images whilst you still have the chance.
Thank you Elizabeth for having me on your Design Team I shall miss you!


  1. Thank you very much dear Dawn for this post and for your sweet comment on my blog! I appreciate a lot your support and encouragement! and I´m very proud to call you my friend too :)

    Looking forward to see your card with Ratiny, I´ll miss your creations with my images... Hugs!!! ♥

  2. Oh such a shame Dawn that there are these people out there. Sure hope Elizabeth gets it all sorted out.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on bump, time seems to be flying by.
    Hugs Emma x

  3. Hi hun

    Dreadful news and really horrible for Elisabeth, she is a lovely lady.

    Hugs Ali x


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