Sunday, 27 December 2009

Thank you Friends!

This is just a quick post to say a very special thank you - four times over!
It is always nice to receive cards from friends - but it is extra specially nice when those cards are hand made!  The first card I would like to show you is from my very best friend Ali aka Dragonlady!  If you haven't visited her blog over at Crafty Dragons yet, you really should - apart from the fun you will have looking around - because that's what Ali's blog says to me - what fun she is having! - she also has some fab candy on offer at the moment and it is open until 21st January which just happens to be her birthday.  Here is the card Ali sent me:

Don't you just love those fabulous snowmen - I can almost hear them singing!!  Thanks Ali.
Next is the card that came with my Secret Santa - I think I'm right in saying that was ClarkyJ - is this elegant or what?  Now I can't give you a link to her blog because (a) I'm guessing that she was my secret santa and (b) if I'm not sure then I would hate to send you to the wrong place (even though I'm sure you'd have fun wherever you ended up).  So if I'm right and you're reading this then please leave the link to your blog in a comment - that way people will know where to go and have a look at the rest of your stuff.

Then came a card from a friend I am so glad I have made and that is Crafty Clare in Scotland.  Again, if you haven't visited Clare's blog - then shame on you!  Clare I think your cards are fabulous and I am so glad we are friends.  Thanks hun.

Then came my biggest surprise!  A card from Lyn aka Blackdragon!  Wow what an amazing card this is - thank you so much Lyn.  I love the way Lyn has matched the DP on the circle with the DP on the main card - love it.  Now Lyn's style is - well - it's different! I don't think she would mind me describing it as that - would you Lyn?  These cards are stunningly different and I love them.  You really should have a look at Lyn's blog - you will be amazed.

So, to all my friends thank you for remembering me at Christmas, and to the four special ladies I have featured here - a very special thank you and big {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} from me!!