Friday, 7 August 2009

Cards for Charity

Hello again,

I thought I would like to tell you about my reason for making cards. Initially it was a bit of fun and I just thought how nice it would be to make cards for friends and family - you know - that personal touch. They went down really well so this in turn spurred me on to make more and more.
I work in the local Hospital and for the last six years I have been a medical secretary working in the Oncology Department (which I am sure you all know is better known as the Cancer Dept). My office was situated next door to the Chemotherapy Unit where alot of our patients received their chemotherapy. These days alot of people opt to have their treatment at home but the Chemo Unit still deals with hundreds of patients every year.
I got to thinking one day - the Chemo Unit try and provide things for patients to make their days a little easier whilst having their treatment such as Personal CD players, Personal DVD players and televisions in the Unit. I decided to see if the Management would let me sell my cards in the Unit and in return I would give a percentage of my sales to the Unit to put towards their funds. Management agreed and so my cards sell in the Unit on a daily basis. It is difficult to keep them topped up sometimes but it is well worth the effort.
In an attempt to broaden the help I can give I have decided that I am going to split the proceeds now between the Chemotherapy Unit and Cancer Research UK and hopefully do my little bit to help find a cure for this life threatening disease.
My Nan died of breast cancer and I was devastated by it. Whilst working in Oncology I have got to know alot of patients, sadly some of whom are no longer with us. I now work in Oncology Clinical Trials and this department and the trials it runs may in turn also provide much needed research and and support in trying to find a cure.

Anyway, hopefully now my internet connection is back up and running I will have a few cards to post for challenges in the next couple of days.