Monday, 18 June 2018

Once Upon a Time........

Hello everyone.
Where on earth is this year going to eh?  One minute it is Christmas and the next we are charging full pelt towards Summer - well we are in the UK anyway.  Mind you, when I say Summer I am not sure we will have beautiful Summer weather but we shall see - the forecasters say we are in for a three month heatwave - bring it on I say - I am keeping my fingers crossed but I will believe it when I see it.  Nothing I like more than to be outside in the garden doing a spot of colouring. 😊

So before I go any further just let me tell you about my serious blonde moment!!
I made my project for the last challenge - tick.
Added all the pictures to my post - tick.
Scheduled my post to appear at the right time on the right day - tick.
Added all the challenges with their links - tick
Added my link to all the challenges in my list - DUH!!!! (well I did add to one challenge but there should have been about 10!!)

No wonder I only had one challenge commenting on my work! I am so annoyed with myself right now, especially as I spent ages colouring the beautiful Christmas Lights Sprite. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Moral of this story - remember to go back and check all your entries - especially if you have had no comments - it is better to check than just sit there thinking nobody likes your work enough to comment on it!!! 
Lesson well and truly learnt!!

ANYWAY......... let's move on shall we?

So our new challenge is:
(Inspired by a Fairytale)
When I was younger, I remember having the most beautiful hard backed books full of fairy tales - wish I had kept a hold of them now because it would have been lovely to be able to read them with my grandkids - mind you, I'm not sure that any of them would sit still that long! 😄😄

Anyway, I digress - I did a bit of googling for this challenge to remind me of the many fairy tales that are out there. It is a long time since I read any fairy tales I can tell you. Lol
Eventually, I settled on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen.
And do you know, there just happens to be a couple of awesome images called Snow Queen - 😉 -and I have used one of those.  I went with the Snow Queen Full size as I really like the softness of this image.
You can find the Snow Queen on the Aurora Wings Etsy Store HERE
And on the Aurora Wings store HERE

I was going to keep it all blues but decided to do her hair a different colour so that the little headdress stands out a bit better.

Again I have used my Prismacolour pencils.  I would never have added grey into a white item of clothing but my colouring classes over at Kit and Clowder have taught me so much about lightsource and shadows that now I can't imagine colouring white any other way.

Those gorgeous flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts and I have had them for simply ages - in fact when I was choosing which ones to use I couldn't believe that in my "white" box there could be so many different shades of white.  Might have to have a little spending spree. Lol

There you go then - that is my inspiration for the new challenge.
Which Fairytale are you going to use to inspire your creation?  
I can't wait to see.


Monday, 21 May 2018

A Joyous Occasion

Hello lovelies
Well here we are again and time for the next new challenge at Aurora Wings.
I never cease to be amazed at the fantastic entries we receive into these challenges.
Remember to hop on over to the challenge blog and see who our winners were.

The challenge this time is:

Now let's be honest, this could be absolutely anything couldn't it?
A Wedding, A birthday, An Anniversary, A New Baby, A New Job, - I could go on for hours but you get my drift right?  The world as they say is your oyster.  (If you click the challenge title it will take you straight to the challenge blog).

So I decided to go with Christmas - well you can never start early enough on Christmas cards now can you?  There are always a few that go to special people and this will be one of those cards.
I have used Christmas Lights Sprite for this card. You can find him here on the AW Etsy store and here at the Aurora Wings store.  I just know exactly how he feels with those lights - doesn't matter how carefully you put them away they always come back out all tangled up don't they?

There was a time I would never have tackled an image like this - all that red in his coat and hat.  However, since taking up the colouring classes at Kit and Clowder my confidence and style has changed so much that I decided I should challenge myself.  I am quite pleased with how it turned out, what do you think?

I have once again used my Prismacolour pencils to colour the image - I just love the way they blend.  The backing papers are from a Lili of the Valley paper pad called Frosty Christmas.  It is quite sad that they don't make these any more because they were such fabulous quality.  I think you can still get some in digital format, although not many.

The sentiment is a Clarity Stamp sentiment which comes as part of a set and I thought it suited the image perfectly.  I decided to go quite clean and simple with this one - no flowers for a change.

So there you go - my inspiration for "A Joyous Occasion" - I think it fits the bill don't you?

I can't wait to see what Joyous Occasions you all choose.


Monday, 16 April 2018

Black and White - with or without a splash of colour!

Hello again lovely peeps.
What another gorgeous array of wonderful entries into the last challenge.
Remember to hop on over to the challenge blog to see who our winners were.

Before I get on to the new challenge I just want to mention that Mitzi has extended the New Release discount codes which are now good up to and including Wednesday 18th April.  If you haven't seen the new release - where have you been?? Lol

Seriously though, pop on over to the showcase blog to see all the fabulous new release images and what the fabulous design team have done with them all.
Okay then, without further ado let's get on to the new challenge.
This month's challenge is called:
(With or without a splash of colour)
So you have a choice here - do you go completely grayscale or do you add just that "pop" of colour.
I have done both here because I couldn't decide what to do.
Of course you could do the same - if you use Aurora Wings images you can enter the challenge three times so why not give them both a go?
Pop on over to the challenge blog and see the fantastic inspiration by the rest of the Design Team by clicking HERE!

Now there are a couple of images that really lend themselves to this theme and they both feature a Pierrot Sprite.
So this first one is plain black and white

Featuring Pierrot Sprite
You can find this little fella at the Aurora Wings Shop here and at the Aurora Wings Etsy store here.
As soon as I saw this theme I knew exactly what I was going to use - no question.
The background paper is from a Papermania capsule collection called Liquorice Sherbert.
I used a Claritystamp Stencil to put the harlequin pattern on top of the polka dots and you can find that here.

The sentiment is also one from Claritystamp and you can find that here.

So that was all fine and dandy and then what happened?
Well Mitzi only went and introduced a Happy Pierrot Sprite!!
So now what was I going to do - I love them both - well I would wouldn't I - they're sprites! 😁😁
Well there was only one thing for it - I had to use both of them.
So because the second one is a happier Pierrot I thought he would be ideal for a bit of colour.
So here is the second one:

Featuring Happy Pierrot Sprite - you can find this gorgeous little fella at the Aurora Wings Store here and at the Aurora Wings Etsy store here
Now I tried really hard to get this to look black and white in the photo - it looks more black and white in real life honest.  Trouble is this Mi Tientes paper is a bit more creamy than white so sometimes it looks off white in photographs. Hey ho.
Now I have got to tell you I am pretty proud of those balloons.  They look like transparent balloons and you can see through the first one to the second and the second to the third!! Yay.  I would never have coloured balloons this way until I started the online colouring classes at Kit and Clowder.  I am sooo happy with the way my colouring is changing - and those balloons!!!!! 😃😃😃
If you want to improve your colouring please do think about visiting the Kit and Clowder website at www.kitandclowder.com - there are numerous classes you could take and I promise you - you will not regret it.  If you could just mention that I sent you over if you do decide to join in and purchase a class that would be great.
The sentiment is, once again a Claritystamp and you can find that as part of one of the fabulous arty wordchains here.
Both images are coloured with, yes you guessed it, my Prismacolour pencils.  They take a bit longer to colour a picture than when using markers but I do love the depth of colour that they give. 
So, I can't wait to see all your gorgeous black and white (or with a splash of colour) projects this month.  Have fun everyone.

As you like it challenges - favourite colouring medium and why.
My favourite colouring medium is pencils.  I find them more forgiving and easier to blend with and I think they give a lovely soft look to my colouring.  For example, I would NEVER have got the same effect on those balloons with markers and I am so so proud of them. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

New challenge and a gorgeous new Sprite!

Hello again all you lovely peeps!
It was lovely to see so many gorgeous entries into our Bingo challenge.
Were you our lucky winner?  Pop on over to the Challenge blog to find out - you never know it might be your lucky day!

So onto our new challenge "Sprite Delight V"
To celebrate the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog's 4th birthday Mitzi has a gorgeous little present for you all so read on.
Now anyone who knows me will be fully aware of the fact that I love love love Mitzi's sprite images and let me tell you that this new little beauty is no exception.
She is called Lilac Sprite and she is free for you to use on this challenge if you want to, although it is not necessary to use this gorgeous sprite - you can use any sprite for your entry.
 Please do not share the image with anyone - just direct people to the Aurora Wings Challenge blog so that they can grab the unwatermarked image for themselves. Thank you.

Isn't she adorable?

Now just a word before I go any further - I know that there are some images, the big eyed girls that have Sprite in their title but please DO NOT USE one of those images for this challenge.
This challenge is purely about the gorgeous little mouthless sprite images and there are dozens for you to choose from - trust me - I have most of them!! Lol
So if you don't have any of them why not pop over to the AW store or the Etsy store and have a wander around - I am sure you will find at least one (or ten) that you like! 😉😉

So I best get on and show you my little piece of inspiration then hadn't I?
Here she is.....

Do you like her?  I do hope so - she was such a joy to colour.
I have used my Prismacolour pencils on this image - I do so love to use pencils.  I do have markers but for now it is pencils all the way.
Those little lilac flowers were a bit fiddly to do - would you believe that I have used five different colours on the flowers alone??

I would never have used that many until I joined Alyce Keegan's classes at Kit and Clowder.  If you have ever thought of taking a colouring class, I highly recommend you go and visit the website - there are so many different classes to join in with.  My colouring is waaaaaay better now than it used to be.  Okay, I still have a way to go with some aspects of it but I am so happy with what I have achieved so far.  
I would never have used my white pencil half as much as I do now - to add highlights and the like.  I love how her dress turned out, so vibrant.  Looking at it now, I think there are things I would do differently next time but for now I am happy.
Those gorgeous flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts and I can't believe that they matched the dress so perfectly. The gorgeous butterfly is one of many that I have in my stash that I purchased off a fellow crafter quite some time ago now so I'm sorry I can't remember who you were - they are lovely though. 
The papers I have used are:
Pion Design - A Day in May - Birdsong
Lili of the Valley with Nitwits - Promises Paper Pad, sadly no longer in production 😢 although I know you can still buy some of the Christmas papers in digital format.
The image is coloured on Mi Teintes paper and I have coloured the background with my pencils.
The lace is from Brenda's Lace and Ribbon Specials on Facebook.
The little gems I have had in my stash for simply ages.

So folks there you go, my Lilac Sprite card for the latest challenge at the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog.  Right, now I must get on and add this little beauty to a few challenges.
Can't wait to see all your gorgeous entries for this challenge.

Oh and just before I go I just want to say that Mitzi has some discount codes for the new sprite release which has been on over the weekend and this lasts through to Tuesday 20th March.  The new ones are just so totally adorable why not treat yourself to one or all of them and maybe you might find a few more you like whilst you are browsing.  😉😉😉😉


Monday, 19 February 2018

BINGO!!!! Just a little bit excited!

Well hello everyone.
Welcome to my blog and to my many many forthcoming posts.
I have been absent from blog land for far too long now but as of today I shall be posting more regularly.
So, what has bought about this drastic change I hear you ask??
Go on, ask me, ask me, ask me!!! Lol
Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.
You remember a few weeks ago I said that I was trying out for the Aurora Wings Design Team??
Well, I only went and got accepted didn't I??
I was so absolutely chuffed to receive the message from Mitzi, I think I must have been grinning like that blimmin Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
See my fantastic new DT badge in the side bar there? So so proud! 

Well, now that I have told you my awesome, magnificent, fantastic, amazing news! (I am excited, can you tell?? Lol) I will get on with the job in hand - telling you all about the new challenge at Aurora Wings
This month the challenge is:
(See what I did with the title of my blog post now??? Hehehehe)

Now doesn't that look like an amazing Bingo Grid? And there are so many choices you can make too.
You could go with one line (in any direction) of just the elements or just the colours or a mix of the two or - if you are feeling brave you could do one line of elements and colours combined. Sooo many different ways to use this grid so go on - have some fun and get creative.
You can enter up to three times if you use Aurora Wings images each time, but if you choose to use different images, which is absolutely fine, you can only enter once.  Don't forget too that we have a challenge running on the Facebook Group too, so if your card fits that challenge then why not enter it there whilst you are at it? 

For my project I have used the fabulous Mermaid on Crescent Moon which you can find in the Aurora Wings Digi Shop here.  This is the best place to shop for your Aurora Wings images I find, and remember your searches always work better with fewer words or a partial title. Hope that helps.

So here is the project I have done this month:

I have used the top line of Lace/doily - Glitter - Sentiment and have also used the left hand column of Flowers - Ribbons/Bows - I have also added in the colours purple, green and yellow. 
The image is coloured with my Prismacolour pencils and the background is done with Pan Pastels. I used a fluffy paintbrush to just dab the three colours around, blew off the excess dust and then used hairspray to "set" it.  
Now I always find that glitter doesn't show up too good in photographs so I have taken a close up of where the glitter is so that you can see it (hopefully). Although it looks all glitter on those scales on her arms, in real life you can still see the ink underneath the glitter - honest!

On the sentiment, which you can find at www.claritystamp.com I have used one of the fabulous Sparkle pens from Spectrum Noir.  I did the same on the mermaid tail and the crescent moon but it just wouldn't show up properly.  So out came my trusted Glamour Dust and Glue pen and I added glitter to the one side of the moon, her hair and her scales on the arms.

I think you can vaguely see the glitter on the mermaid tail - it looks so much better IRL I promise you.
The lace, ribbon and flowers are all from my crafty stash - it has been quite some time since I have used any of these little beauties I can tell you. Most of the flowers come from Wild Orchid Crafts, the ribbon came from Crafty Ribbons and the lace from Brenda's lace and ribbon specials on Facebook. The backing paper is from a paper pad called Baskets & Bunnies and is from Lili of the Valley with Raspberry Road Designs. Sadly I don't think they do their paper pads any more but I know that you can get a few as digi papers.

Don't forget that there are oodles of fabulous images to be found on both the Aurora Wings Etsy Store and at the Aurora Wings Digi Shop.  Remember too that if you are a subscriber to the Aurora Wings newsletter you will receive regular updates about new releases and exclusive discounts.  
If you are a Facebook user - then why not join the Facebook page too where you will find buckets full of inspiration from other AW lovers and fabulous giveaways too.

I shall be entering this project into the following challenges:
(Diagonal line Ribbon, Patterned Paper, Flowers)

See you all soon.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

It can't be that long ..... can it??

Hello everyone
I am sure that looking at the date I last blogged, many of my followers will have moved on to pastures new but I do hope that once I start blogging regularly again they will soon come back and have a look at what I am doing these days.

Life got a little bit - shall we just say "hectic" - work was becoming a nightmare and that meant that my home life was suffering a wee bit.  I had no enthusiasm for creating and very little time to do it when I did feel like it.

So, I made a momentous decision and decided to take early retirement from the job that was getting me down so much.  Oh boy, am I glad I did!  I feel sooooo much better these days and now that I have more time on my hands I am enjoying my crafting again.

So much so that I thought I would like to be on a design team again - I do enjoy the camaraderie between the DT members and I just love to colour fantastic images.

So, talking of fantastic images, did you see that Mitzi from Aurora Wings is having a DT call??
Do you think I stand any sort of chance of becoming a part of her DT??
Eeeeek, I would so love to be a part of that team.  Not only do I love those gorgeous little sprite images I am a huge fan of a lot of Mitzi's artwork.

Not only that, but since I have been doing the colouring classes over at Kit and Clowder my colouring confidence has grown so so much and I think that I would now be able to do Mitzi's images justice when I colour them.

So, I thought I would give it a go - after all you have to be in it to win it don't you?
Here are some of my Aurora Wings images done in the past, hope you like them and please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Thank heavens for Clarity!

Hi all,
Just popping in to add my card for this month's Clarity Challenge.
I hope you are all ready for the Big Man's visit at the weekend??
I have decided that what I don't have now I will just go without!
All shopping done, presents wrapped, washing and ironing (well nearly) all done.
Last food shop to be delivered was Tuesday and that's that!
So moving on.....
Here is the card I have made for this month's Clarity Challenge which is
So I have gone with
and as luck would have it I even have a stamp set to match.
So using the fabulous Jayne Nestorenko Holly and Ivy stamp set, here is the card I made:
I love the detail on these stamps don't you?
Coloured with my Spectrum Noir pencils for a change.

The Christmas Greetings comes from the Bespoke stamp set which you can order here.
I am really pleased with how this one turned out, I hope you like it too?
Well as the title of my post is Thank Heaves for Clarity, let me explain.
I had 35 Christmas cards to make and one day to make them in.
I received a beautiful card from the lovely Maria Simms and with it came the inspiration for my Christmas Cards.
All done with Clarity Stamps and Stencil and Tim Holtz Distress Inks.
Here is a picture of all of them.
I have to be honest, they went down a storm. Everybody was really impressed.
Not as impressed as me though - 35 in one day.
Thank you Clarity - you kept me sane this year.
Roll on 2017.
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to each and every one of you.
See you on the flip side.